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The SC-01 was a speech synthesis IC created by Votrax. It is most famous for its use in the arcade games Q*Bert[1], Gorf[2], and Wizard of Wor[3]. It is also somewhat well-known for being the sample source for the Chipspeech voicebank Bert Gotrax.


Physical description

The SC-01 Speech Synthesizer comprises a 22 pin monolithic (single level or substrate) integrated circuit of CMOS (Complimentary Metal On Silicon) design. [...] The P and N areas of the substrate, made by ion implantation, create a push-pull (Class B) transistor amplification and digital signal processing network. High impedance, rapid signal processing, and minimal current drain result from this technology.[4]


The SC-01 underwent a single revision, dubbed the SC-01-A. They are the same chip hardware-wise, but there was a change made to the ROM which improved quality of synthesis.

The SC-01 and SC-01-A have been decapped and the internal roms read out (mid-2007). The difference between the SC-01 and SC-01-A: the 01-A had some of the parameters changed for a few phonemes, ostensibly to increase sound quality and to remove some DC bias from the output.
— Jonathan Gevaryahu[5]


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