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It's extremely easy for anyone to edit a page on a wiki. Just press the "Edit" button at the top of the page, make your changes, and press "Save page". Don't forget to write an edit summary!

Editing rules

The reason these rules are in place is to prevent an editing war over these things. If you make an edit that goes against these rules, it's likely it won't be reverted but rather fixed by someone else later on.

Spelling, grammar, and similar issues

In terms of spelling and grammar, we don't really ask for much. All we ask is that you use American spelling, and that you use the Oxford comma. Our preferred date formatting is YYYY/MM/DD.

Citing sources

References should be written using the Chicago reference style. Some existing pages already use an altered form of the MLA reference style. If you see a page that still uses that format, please change it to the Chicago format.

Page content is a wiki about vocal synthesis software itself, as well as the companies and people behind them. Not the voicebanks made for them. If this wiki also allowed people to make pages about their UTAU banks and Fanloids, it would get very messy very fast. You can talk about voicebanks available for a certain software on the page for said software, but these voicebanks do not need their own pages. That's what the VOCALOID wiki, Fanloid wiki, UTAU wiki, and other similar wikis are for.